TCF established in 1990 under the name of The Classic Finest incorporated under the Company Ordinance 1984.

We takes pride in being one of the leading suppliers of Promotional Giveaways and Gift items to major MNC’s in Pakistan. Our company’s forte is quality service, prompt deliveries and, an extension of our services as consultants for Brand Promotional Campaigns and Retail Activities

We primarily develop and import items from Chinese and Indonesian production facilities based on client needs. This production is supervised with full quality assurance by Height’s on location representatives. Through a lean supply chain, we have removed intermediaries, which in turn benefit our client by providing best products at best price.

We do not compete solely on price but in fact strive to give our client the best value for their money. Apart from securing an efficient and resilient supply chain for delivery, much of our efforts are focused on quantifying our client’s expectations in terms of product specs and timelines to ensure that we always meet & exceed our client’s expectations